Blackened Battle Metal EP

by Ancient Wind

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Blackened Battle Metal is the first release and EP by Colorado's Ancient Wind, rising titans of the extreme underground music scene. Any donations to help with merch and touring would be great but you can ENTER 0.00 TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE! ! !

© 2012 Ancient Wind


released January 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Ancient Wind Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Rising titans of the underground metal scene, Colorado's Ancient Wind is all that is best about Melodic Death and Black Metal, wrapped up neatly in a Thrash package. A dark brooding Viking atmosphere comes together with American heavy metal purity and hate to form something truly unique. Gods honor only the strong, death awaits the weak. Metal up your ass cunts! ... more

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Track Name: Northern Conquest
Awaken brothers of war, gaulish blood stains the shore. The legions have past the wall, they've come to destroy us all. Germania the tribes must unite, for family for honor we'll fight. Our swords will cut out their eyes, for Wotan our sacrifice. Mists hang low to the ground, hear the thunderclap sound. Scavenger birds take to flight, blood will be spilled this night. Single file, don't turn back. Generals guile, its a trap. Steel your hearts, charge ahead. Tear them apart, bloodshed.

Darkened woods come alive with barbarians, Centurions grip their shields in fear. Never again set foot in our northland, here we'll stand with ready axe and spear. Swords slice through thin flesh, stick in the bone. Axe hurled with great strength, pierced helm and skull. Spears glanced off their shields, impaling the throat.

Power! War drums sounding Louder! Sending out our battle cry.
Rome! Will never be his Home! He will reclaim his birthright.
Cowards! Now has come the Hour! For the end of tyranny.
Hermann! The mightiest German! By his virtue we are free.

Thunder! armies collide, forever their bodies will lye. Burdened by rain from black clouds, their armor sunk into the ground. Heathens both mighty and swift, from gods received this great gift. Surrounded like leaves legions fell, defeated their conquest was quelled. Vana commander and lord, in shame he fell on his sword. Those we do not slay, they will be enslaved. Single file, hear whips crack. Land defiled, no turning back. Feel our hearts, forever they beat. Honor the dead....Victory.
Track Name: Frost of the Ancients
Frost in the air, the season has come. Clouds fill the sky, gone is the sun. Our ships are harbored, a fell wind blows. We shelter our families from oncoming snows.

A year has past, look at the skies, still shades of grey. No light will shine on our fields, bodies waste away. Noble lords horde their stores, thralls will rebel. Loki's daughter with joy in her heart, opens the gates of Hel.

I take, my last breat, with open arms, i welcome death. With no god, away from home, kin is gone, i die alone. Friends turn now its every man for himself, honor still held by the few. Bodies burn and funeral pyres light the sky, when will we start anew?

This fimbul winter has taken my soul, three years we have spent.
The world has been split right in whole, no help will be sent.
Long prophesied by the wisest and old, frost of the ancients.

See the smoke in the sky, three years pass and many have died.
Some still stand proud and tall, waiting for the dawn.
Horizon glows a blood red hue, and fills the air where ravens flew.
But men's hope turns to despair, as Surt's sword cuts through the air.

Heavens split, fire rains down, we understand, the end is now.
This winter brings the end of time, sons of fire from muspelheim.
Asa gods dress for war, as jotuns pound on asgards door.
The chosen slain from Valhall, ride out to meet the fall.
Track Name: Eaters of the Dead
Chosen by the gods of old, the thirteenth and last to ride. Journey to the northland as we push against the tides. Quest to be answered, brave and honorable shall ride. To meet the king that the demons of fire defied. Frost of frozen blades, mists of broken weather. Thunder of the shields, awaiting the halls of Valhalla. Arriving on the shores of the beast itself, the dark grimness of the landscape grips my soul. Warriors of honor we unite, with our swords in hand to fight. For honor and the unity of our land. Swords of true steel, old battle wounds never really heal. But to live for honor is to take our last breath. As the smoke of battle clears, scenery soaked in blood. We look to the horizon, we look as the raven flies. The shadow of the mountain, spreads far and wide. Remember fallen warriors as we march where evil lies.
Track Name: The Gjallarhorn Sounds
The sisters of fate have woven
The destiny of gods and men.
But now thier web is broken
Odin prepares for the end.
Each one will be slain
By wolf by fire by blade.
Together they march to the plain
The world will be unmade.

Seas will boil and rise
The serpent of midgard awakes.
Surtur comes from the sky
The ground trembles and quakes.
Unchain the wolf fenrir
Its eyes glow red.
Loki rides to war
Leading legions of the dead.

Ravenous and horrible the army of the damned,
Clashes with asgardians and desecrates the land.
Earth it shakes see the the serpent arise,
By thors hammer it will meet its demise.
The fenris wolf charges the aesir,
Odin stand and meets his doom showing no fear.
Frey wrestles with the fire demon surt,
But still his flames are consuming the earth.
Consuming the earth,
The world will burn.

No sign of man, nor of land,
the earth is a boiling sea.
This war, of all beings, consumes, all realms of the
Tree it shakes, and it cracks,
but it will never break.
The norns, will soon weave, a new, web of fate.

And soon we'll all die.

The fruit of Idun, has kept the gods young,
and free from mortality.
The Allfather sits, on the highest of thrones,
everything his one eye sees.
Thus he knows an end will come, final and profound.
The doom of all men and gods, comes when the gjallarhorn sounds.

The wolf swallows the sun,
Yet still the world glows.
For surtue the battle is won,
Yggdrassil shudders and bows.
Water engulfs the land,
No where left to run.
No trees mountains or sand,
The age of men is done.

Hear the howl of the wolfs revenge,
Consuming the all-father he will never rise again.
Heimdall contests with loki alone,
Sacrificing himself so the seed will be unsown.
The horn of frey pierces its skull,
Yet surtur is unstoppable he will never fall.
The thunderer lays waste to the serpent in time,
9 steps is all he takes as venom claims his life.
The thunderer dies,
The final demise.